Inside a Laser Cutting Machine VR Experience

Get a taste of what the VR experience is like with this YouTube teaser video.

Works fine on the desktop using a mouse, but the experience is much closer to the feel of VR if you open the video ( on your phone (it uses the phone's gyroscope to control the view). Move your phone around to control the view in 360° video. You can also use a Google Cardboard viewer if you have one handy - open the video in YouTube, rotate your phone to landscape view, click the little cardboard icon in the lower right corner, and insert your phone into the viewer.

4Next VR Sample

To see the real sense of space that the true VR experience provides, contact 4Next for an in-person demo. We'll bring our VR hardware and show you around!

This particular example does not contain any special effects, but we could add the laser beam, hotspot callouts, and more.